Restore Nevada

Nevada Classic

Americans are Exceptional and EssentiAl

I'm a Nevada Classic.  I never thought any Governor would turn on us and sell us out to Foreign Nationals, but that is exactly what has happened.  

If ever there was a time to elect the fixers, servant leadership who value our American Heritage, it's now. Nevada needs courage in leadership. I'm asking for your vote. 

Division Politics in an Age of Nationalism


After 19 years as an 80's Democrat, and 19 years as a 2000's Republican,  I joined the IAP Party because I can make the most  difference for individual freedom & serving the community in the fiscally conservative platform of economic liberty for all. 

United By A Common Goal of Individual Liberty

I trust parents for education choices and  support the value of mindful work.  The government cannot provide us with false security, but those who seek to undermine our liberty  nd divide our nation want us to believe  it should.

Americans Need 'No Spin 'Truth to see Eye to Eye

Fake News has made it nearly impossible to follow the truth.  You, me ,and the honeybee all have a different truth. I will fight division politics with the truth, I get my news from where you can access No Spin remarks, announcements, and word for word conversations of open meetings of our American leadership.